A new home

Soon I will be moving to the other side of the world. So to feel home I have set up this moodboard for my new home. 


Pictures via Tumblr

I want to surround myself with flowers, real ones and painted ones.


Pictures via Tumblr and 5 inch and up 

Insects, rocks, shells ... are like art pieces to me, made by nature.


Pictures via Tumblr

Marble is again related to nature and adds a lot of class to a room.


Pictures via Tumblr 

One room in the house should  be crazy, so this banana leaf print is high on my wishlist!


Pictures via Tumblr and Styleherione 

Art is not about the cost of an object, but should be about something you like. Even objets trouvésº are fun things to add to your collection.

º a natural or discarded object found by chance and held to have aesthetic value 


Pictures via Tumblr and This chick's got style

Some things speak for themselves: clean crisp white sheets, a good bakery, books, magazines and scented candles, pretty boxes and many more personal things to make a beautiful and cozy home.

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  1. cool post:) love the cactus in the polyedre idea!