Overnight oats

 A healthy and nutritious breakfast is a great way to start your day. I am not a breakfast expert but it's my favorite meal of the day so I pay a lot of attention to what I am eating in the morning. The plus of this recipe is that you make it the evening before, hence the name overnight oats. Nothing better than waking up and open your fridge with this healthy suprise in it.

What you will need
Oats (mine are ground oats, but it is all the same)
Frozen blueberries
Sesame, flax and Chia seed mix
Milk (you could also replace this with almond milk, soy milk ...)

For the topping I used almonds and dried figs.

I use a glass to make my overnight oats as this is pefect for one serving. Add three spoons of oats to your glass. 
Add a spoonful of the seeds and mix this with the oats. Do the same with the frozen blueberries.
Pour the milk into to the glass till the rim of the glass.
Put aside in the fridge till next morning.

Et voila.
Enjoy your breakfast!

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  1. beautiful post, love it! and I love overnight oats, I always add banana to mine in the morning